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Frequently Asked Questions


What will I learn during the program?

I.     Dental Theory and Terminology  

II.    Receptionist – Front Desk Office Management 

III.   Four Handed Dental Assisting

IV.   Radiology Terminology 

V.    Impressions and Model Trimming

VI.   Sterilization Techniques

VII.  Job Interview and Placement Assistance


Does the program include x-ray & coronal polishing certification?

This is a certificate program and because of that, we are unable to offer the x-ray certification class or the coronal polishing class. Both classes are regularly offered by Creighton College of Dentistry at your own expense.


Is the school accredited?

Heartland Dental Assisting is licensed through the Department of Private and Post-secondary Schools of Nebraska. As such, we are approved to award a Certificate in Dental Assisting. 


The design of our school is to provide a thorough and comprehensive program that can be completed in a relatively short time frame, while also keeping one’s current job. This helps people quickly enter the workforce in a new profession, but also keep their current job to litigate costs while transitioning from one profession to another.


The CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) accredits programs that are full-time and at least one year in length. Our program is 10 weeks to certification and employment. It is not necessary for HDA to be accredited by the CODA.


Heartland Dental Assisting is a vocational school designed for the student to become immediately employable upon graduation.


Does the school help with job placement?

We make every effort to assist our students in finding an office to work in upon graduation. We do provide resources to our students to help with the hiring process. These resources include instructions and assistance in creating a professional resume, tips for a successful interview, as well as, networking with dental professionals who are associated with the school. We also encourage our students to be proactive in introducing themselves to different offices in the area, and submitting their resumes.


Can I sit for the Dental Assisting National Board test upon completion of the program?

In order to sit for the DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) test a dental assistant must meet one of the two following requirements.

    Requirement #1) Have graduated from an accredited school


    Requirement #2) Have graduated from a non-accredited school, but have been working as a dental assistant for at least two (2) years.


Since Heartland Dental Assisting falls under requirement #2, not only will your certifications from our school get you into the profession faster, you will have at least two years of experience by the time you take the DANB (if you desire). This will increase your chances of successfully passing that national certification. 


The DANB certification is not a requirement to work as a dental assistant; however, it would be more easily recognized in different states, if one intended to relocate.

Duties of Dental Assistant 

  • Prepping patients for procedures

  • Assisting dentists during procedures by handing instruments

  • Sterilizing dental instruments

  • Scheduling patient appointments

  • Instructing patients on dental health and hygiene

  • Completing basic lab tasks

  • Ensuring patients feel comfortable in the dental chair

  • Examining patients’ gums and teeth to check for diseases or abnormalities

  • Applying fluoride, remove stains and plaque from teeth

  • Taking X-rays

  • ​Maintaining patient records

  • Use suction hoses to keep patients’ mouths dry and clear during procedures

  • Handle lab responsibilities under dentist’s direction

  • Clean the room after the appointment is over

  • Update patients’ records

  • Assist with front-office tasks, such as appointment scheduling

  • Assist with billing, payment, and insurance procedures

What’s the difference between Certified Dental Assistant and a Certificate in Dental Assisting?

A Certified Dental Assistant has taken and passed the DANB. A Certificate of Dental Assisting is awarded after completion of a dental assisting training program. Dental employers do not require an employee to be a Certified Dental Assistant for employment, but they do typically require formal training in dental assisting which is what Heartland Dental Assisting helps you achieve.  

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